We believe that diverse perspectives are a competitive advantage in identifying and capitalizing on key market opportunities.


We focus on a wide range of smaller funds, managed by individuals with unique networks, to create sustainable, differentiated deal flow.

diversity in expertise

We cultivate a network of world-class experts to drive growth in the portfolio companies in product, design, brand, UX and customer acquisitions.

Our Mission

We believe that diversity is an unrealized source of differentiation in early-stage venture capital that creates a powerful network effect.

Diversity is not just good progress. It’s good business.

Our Team

A unique fund with uniquely qualified leadership.

Lo Toney

Founding Managing Partner

Operating executive that has sat at both sides of the table.

Ken Coleman

Venture Partner

Ken, a technology pioneer, is founder of ITM Software.

Laura Alber

Venture Partner

Laura is President and CEO of Williams-Sonoma. 

Keith Walton

Venture Partner

Keith was a founding Principal at Global Infrastructure Partners.

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